Where superior quality and excellent service in frequency control begin...

The Fox Family of Products
Fox produces four basic classes of products: quartz crystals in more than 20 types including micro and ultra miniature, thru-hole or surface mount, with stabilities as low as 10PPM, and frequencies to over 200MHz; clock oscillators, including enable/disable oscillators, programmable oscillators, voltage-controlled oscillators and complementary output types in frequencies to 250MHz; temperature controlled and voltage controlled crystal oscillators (TCXOs and VCXOs) in both thru-hole and surface mount models; and monolithic crystal filters.

Many of our more popular models such as standard resistance-welded crystals and TTL Clock Oscillators, are available thru FASTFOX, our system for getting "Rush" orders in a matter of days, not weeks. And to further help the designer speed new products to market and to meet the demand for more flexible, build-to-order (BTO) manufacturing, Fox launched in 1997 the remarkably successful JITOTM Just-In-Time-OscillatorTM program. With JITO-2 parts, industry standard lead times for custom or standard frequency oscillators from 340kHz to 300MHz have been cut from 10 weeks or more to 10 days or less.

Our Mission
From the moment of our founding, Fox Electronics' mission has been to provide a broad line of highly precise, highly reliable frequency control products to the worldwide electronics markets. Combining the disciplines of advanced engineering, flexible manufacturing, quality assurance, operations, information systems and marketing, Fox strives to provide our customers with superior quality, excellent service, leading edge products, and thoroughly knowledgeable application support. Our ability to meet those objectives is reflected in our long-term and on-going ranking as America's preferred source for frequency control products.

How (and Why) We've Grown
We began our business in 1979 as a small, family-owned supplier of quartz crystals and oscillators here in Fort Myers, FL. Our first year sales were less than $700,000...our first catalog was a mere four pages...and we didn't hire our first employee until the following year!

By 1989, after having established a national distributor network; installing an advanced computer system; establishing FAST FOX, our "Rush" order delivery system; and having moved to larger quarters several times, we finally settled in our own 25,000 sq. ft. facility. We needed the space, because now we had 60 employees, and sales had reached $20 million. Since then, we've established a new R&D Department as well as a Hybrid Department. We've introduced hundreds of new state-of-the-art products which have redefined crystal and oscillator performance, precision and reliability. We've set up in-depth quality control procedures, and backed them up with our Test and Reliability Services/Documentation system.

Today, Fox is more than 250 people strong. Our product offering fills a catalog of nearly 100 pages. We operate one of the frequency control industry's most comprehensive websites at www.foxonline.com . And, oh yes, along the way, we've managed to win several awards, such as the Texas Instruments Supplier of Excellence for two years running...not to mention our continual top-of-the-list ranking as America's preferred source for frequency control products in countless independent studies.

Such a pattern of remarkable growth and recognition means we must be doing something right.

We believe a large part of it is due to the Total Quality Mindset that has been so much a part of our management and operating philosophy from the very beginning. At Fox, quality really is everyone's first responsibility. It's the only way we do business. And, we intend to keep it that way as long as we are in business.

Where We Are Today
Fox frequency control products are currently used worldwide in applications ranging from wireless communications equipment and microprocessors, computers and their peripherals to telecommunications devices, clocks, watches, timing devices, instrumentation both fixed and portable, all the way to out-of-this-world aerospace uses. But, you can obtain our products from more than 300 locations in-this-world. These are the skilled, knowledgeable Fox
sales representatives and distributors who are conveniently located on every continent on the globe.

Product Research and Development For many years we have been on the leading edge of frequency control product research, design and development as evidenced by our introduction of the low voltage, miniature SMD 3.3V oscillator...the new sub-miniature tuning fork watch crystal that measures a mere 1mm x 5mm...the design of special packaging and lead configurations...and the remarkable new JITO-2 Just-In-Time-Oscillators line that has revolutionized standard and custom oscillator availability, to name just a few.

All of these developments, and many more, have come from Fox's aggressive, on-going R&D efforts. And we intend to maintain and increase our leadership position...constantly delivering newer, better, more cost effective innovations to the frequency control products marketplace.

Fox's advanced manufacturing capabilities incorporate state of the art process equipment and advanced computer control technology. Our specialized FAST FOX and JITO-2 mini-manufacturing operations combine flexible manufacturing techniques with unique design and production technologies to achieve ultra-fast turnaround of specialized production lots for specific customer requirements.

Each step in our manufacturing and assembly processes is performed under atmospherically controlled conditions, including our Class 100Clean Room. Each piece of equipment - from our crystal etching machines through the ovens, plating systems, pick and place machines and welding equipment - represents the latest in manufacturing capability, efficiency and quality. This equipment, combined with highly skilled workers and innovative process control techniques, enables Fox to cost-effectively produce the finest frequency control products in the world.

Fox Quality Philosophy
Customer satisfaction begins with superior product quality and excellent service. In order to satisfy our customers, our quality philosophy is built on the foundation of continuous improvement in all facets of our business. Our quality assurance program is based on quality and engineering planning, employee training, supplier relationships, and statistical process controls. We strive towards zero defects by prevention methods instead of detection methods.

Customer Service

Fox's fully-staffed Customer Service Department stands ready to answer any question from a customer or prospect. You can reach our service personnel by phone, fax, or e-mail 24 hours a day. They'll get you fast, accurate answers to any question regarding product reliability, special testing, lot traceability, in-stock availability, and price and delivery data. For highly technical questions, please call us during normal business hours (Eastern Time Zone) to talk with one of our Technical Support engineers.

Worldwide Availability
Fox's worldwide distribution network includes more than 300 stocking
distributor locations throughout the world. Their well-stocked shelves contain the most popular items in our catalog for immediate local delivery.

In addition, Fox also maintains a global network of sales reps. Call on them to help with design and performance parameters, as well as custom manufacturing information.

For More Information... At Fox, we're here to meet your needs, to answer your questions...to provide the information, products and services you expect of the world's premier frequency control products manufacturer. Please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail. We welcome the opportunity to work with you!