Fox Electronics...A Brief Introduction to America's Preferred Source for Frequency Control


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Fox Corporate Backgrounder

Company: Fox Electronics; Fort Myers, FL

Fox Electronics was founded in 1979 as a small, family-owned supplier of quartz crystals and oscillators. Since then, the company has evolved to become America’s leading supplier of high-precision, high-reliability frequency control products to the electronics market, with more than 10,000 customers worldwide.

An important contributor to the company's continuing growth over the last 32 years is its R&D department. Fox engineers have developed hundreds of products that have set new standards for crystal and oscillator performance, precision and reliability, as well as for meeting escalating business demands for shorter lead times.

Fox prides itself on being on the leading edge of frequency control technology with continued new product developments based on top quality company research.

With advanced manufacturing facilities incorporating state-of-the-art equipment operating under atmospherically controlled conditions – including a Class-100 clean room – Fox Electronics is able to produce its innovative products to the most stringent industry quality standards.

‘In April 2012 Integrated Device Technology, Inc. acquired Fox Electronics.’

Company Innovations:

During 2007, the company introduced its patented XpressO™ configurable oscillator technology and its compact, low-current oscillator line, both breakthroughs in component technology.

The XpressO line reduces delivery times and costs for configurable oscillators, without compromising performance. The oscillators offer an exceptional range of available frequencies, stability as tight as +20 ppm, extremely low jitter and phase noise, next-day shipping of samples, production lead times of mere days and costs below that of fixed frequency oscillators. These features benefit a wide range of markets and applications.

Now, over 20 million XpressO oscillators have shipped worldwide with more than a 50% growth each year, helping to make Fox one of the most recognized and preferred brands. New versions and generations are constantly being developed and released.

In low-current oscillators, recent Fox Electronics advancements have lowered minimum power requirements from the previous de facto standard of 20 mA to as little as 2.5 mA, in a footprint as small as 3.2 mm x 2.5 mm. This capability is particularly attractive to designers of battery-powered and portable/wireless equipment who are concerned about minimizing power consumption in ever-smaller devices.

Key Officers:

Gene Trefethen - General Manager

Founded: 1979

With over 275 different products available, Fox offers an extremely broad range of frequency control products, including quartz crystals, clock oscillators, temperature compensated crystal oscillators, voltage controlled crystal oscillators, configurable oscillators, programmable oscillators, real time clock modules.


Fox Electronics' products are used worldwide, in applications as diverse as wireless communications equipment and telecommunications devices, computers and peripherals, instrumentation, aerospace, storage, industrial, automotive, medical and military.

Employees: More than 250
Headquarters Address: 5570 Enterprise Parkway, Fort Myers, FL 33905

Fox Electronics maintains a direct presence on three continents – with corporate headquarters in Ft. Myers, Florida and company offices in Canada, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

A network of manufacturer’s representatives provides global sales coverage from more than 50 offices worldwide. Fox Electronics' products are also delivered through three of the four global distributors and the top four catalog distributors.

Tel: +65-68447989
Tokyo, Japan
Tel: +81-3-3374-2079
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